Choosing a Weapon

xBlade payout is directly proportional to players’ weapon rarity. Assuming that players select weapons with high rarity and fight with higher-powered monsters, the win rate will be unchangeable owing to the formula adjustment based on players’ handpicked weapon and character. Besides, players are encouraged to find superb 4-star or 5-star weapons to start acquiring xBlade as well as form a team around that weapon. Players may possibly purchase the characters first then choose a weapon compatible with their team element. In case players can’t purchase or mint 4 or 5-star weapon, they can opt for a weapon with the highest numerical stats in order to achieve the maximum payout of xBlade.
It is noteworthy that players should take account of their budget before performing all the above-mentioned transactions.

Weapon Element

Due to the fact that trait Bonus is determined on the basis of comparing character element to its chosen enemy element, players are strongly advised to employ a weapon corresponding to its hero element, bringing players an extra bonus equal to beating a monster that they are gaining an upper hand of it.

Weapon Attributes

The evaluation of weapon power can be carried out dependent on its attribute once weapon element is on the par with its character. It would be appear that fetching a weapon with elements and attributes having high numerical values, which corresponds to its character, has drawn up a bright prospect for players. However, such weapons are high-end items and might perhaps cost players a pretty penny to make a purchase of it.
There supposes to be two major points to grasp here:
  • Players are required to make some concessions on selecting preferred weapons when activating their budget.
  • Players are advised to pick weapon with high numerical stats irrespective of elemental matching, aside from putting every effort to select a weapon with element correspondent with its character.
The higher total numerical stat correlates with higher payout of xBlade after each battle. Making the best use of weapons in each combat might possibly lessen the impact of having unmatched stats on win rate.
Differences in weapon rarities reflect the differences in total value of attributes. The minimum and maximum of total attributes for weapons of 3-star and above is listed below:
  • 3-star : 280 - 400
  • 4-star : 400 - 800
  • 5-star : 804 - 1200
When players mint their first character and acquire a 1-star weapon compatible with its character at no cost, they are highly recommended to take the percentage value of their weapon into consideration if they want to increase the odds of winning the battle. The higher the total percentage is the more xBlade payout each player acquires and the higher the win rate is.
Percentages have distinct minimum and maximum rates which turn out to be the same as numerical values. The total percentage values of weapons of 3-star and above are listed below
  • 3-star : 70% - 107%
  • 4-star : 100% - 214%
  • 5-star : 201% - 321%

Weapon Choice Conclusions

Based on the above information, players can make several key decisions on choosing their weapon.
  • Employing a weapon corresponding to its character element.
  • Choosing a weapon with the highest numerical stats to acquire the maximum payout of xBlade.
  • Trying to fetch weapon with attribute element correspondent with character element to increase the chance of win rate.
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