Character Levels
After joining , each player obtains their first character at level 1. Player must procure XP through battles to advance to next level of their character. Higher-level characters have an upper hand of winning the battles, resulting in cash bounty and getting more value of their respective character.

Calculating Experience

To determine the eligibility of claim, gamers have to keep a copy of subsequent at the following link at
A summary of experience measuring table can be found here:

When to claim Experience ?

Experience can be found in the Rewards bar after each battle, in the same spot as xBlade.
If the character is under level 41, it is recommended that player claims XP when his or her character reaches the milestones to avoid paying gas fees for each transaction.
Because of the increase in power, it appears to be more advantageous for each player to claim his or her XP at each subsequent level after overtaking this level, resulting in more xBlade gained through fight payouts.
Character level may be synced because of disparities in win-rate. If claiming experience allows character to advance to the next milestone, it seems to be a smart strategy to do so before the battle.
If other characters have not yet reached their respective milestones, it may be a good idea to halt battling with that character and let others catch up assuming their stamina is in tact.

Power Per Level

The formula below is used to calculate the amount of power each character obtains at a certain level:
charPower=1000+((charLevel1)10)(Math.Floor((charLevel1)/10)+1charPower = 1000 + ((charLevel - 1) * 10) * (Math.Floor((charLevel - 1) / 10) + 1
Here is where player can learn more about how character power is used to determine combat calculations and payouts:
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