Gas Fees
Gas fees are the compulsory payout by the players to execute transactions in CryptoWar through using BNB in their wallet. These fees can be payable on Binance Smart Chain based on the use of Chainlink’s VRF technology and they serve as incentives for players to keep all entropy-based gameplay scenarios such as buying, selling, minting NFTs and battling as well secure and fair.
In order to execute transaction and interact with the CryptoWar smart contracts, players are required to hold an amount of BNB in their MetaMAsk wallet.
The gas fees are transaction-based and usually cost around 0.0007 to 0.0010 BNB. However the amount of gas fees depends on the type and number of computations required to verify the transaction. For that reason, certain transactions such as claiming experience can get higher fee because of the complexity of the computation.
Combat gas fees are listed at 0.0025, however that is just a maximum amount that the player may pay. The true gas costs of fights are around 0.0007 BNB which can be seen in their MetaMask transactions.

Fight Gas Cost

Fighting prompts players for a set gas cost that is different from what is actually charged as displayed in the picture below.
The actual gas cost for the transaction is around 0.002 BNB on average as displayed in the following picture.
Gas costs for transactions are subject to volatility depending on network traffic on the Binance Smart Chain.

New players are highly recommended to hold a certain amount of BNB in to pay for gas fees according to the implementation of Early Withdraw Tax. It is estimated that players pay an average of 0.142 BNB per week on each fight which means that the minimum amount of BNB needed to maintain their wallet is around 0.16 in order to pay for additional fees such as platform fees, reforging weapons, staking xBlade, claiming experience ect.

Buyback Mechanism

Whenever total gas fee get to 0.2 BNB, 1 Buyback order will be auto released by system so the fight after that will pay 0.4$ in BNB more than normal fight. Total gas fee will refresh and start counting again after Buyback order.
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