Multiple Accounts
Due to the use of robust time frame, CryptoWar allows players to have multiple accounts with 4 characters for each to access the game. However, each of these accounts is restricted to have their own weapon as the 24 hour trade lock prevents trading the same weapon between accounts. Besides, gas fees are compulsory being maintained in each account to pay for transaction processing fees. The more accounts each player has the more gas fees he or she has to pay
You can create multiple accounts in your MetaMask wallet as follows.
Click on the favicon on the upper right side of your screen and select "Create Account".
Click on “MetaMask icon” in your extension tab and tab on “Not connected” in case your second account has not been recognized by the system.
Click on the "Connect" button when prompted.
Once you finished this step, you can see your new account connected to our website. In case your new account has not been reflected on our page, simply refresh it.
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