How to earn your first money ?
For now, there are two main ways to earn xBlade in CryptoWar :
  1. 1.
    Play PvE mode: PvE mode is place you can fight monsters and earn xBlade depend on win or lose. There is something you should keep an eye on:
    • What is your Hero's element : Earth, Fire, Lightning or Water ?
    • What is Monsters's element on the list and do you have counter strike on that ? For ex : Water beats Fire.
    • What is Monster's power and is it too strong with your Hero's power ? Normally the one with 14 XP is the weakest and you have highest rate to win the fight. If it did not show up, just sit tie and wait for 2 hours then Monsters's list will be renewed. Remember, patient is the key to victory.
    • How many stamina points should be used in 1 fight ? As pro players suggest that you should spend 120 stamina points on 1 fight as best solution for both reward and gas fee saver.
  2. 2.
    Sell your NFTs on Marketplace :
    • If you have too many Heroes or Weapons or you just get lucky when open some boxes and find 5* weapon you can sell it on Marketplace with any price that you want. It's free world.
So we hope that you have very first imagination on how to earn xBlade, now it's time to DO. Let's go and good luck !
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