System Upgrade
System upgrade 5AM UTC 28/10/2021
In order to make Cryptowar more balance and have long term growth for community, we make some important system changes, mostly about stamina point recovery time and tax per fight. In more details you can look up at the link below.
All the fight tax will be used to buy back xBlade and adding into liquidity pool as you can check here:

Stamina & Reward

We have made some changes about stamina & reward per fight. From now when you spend more stamina on 1 fight you will earn better reward as example below :
40 stamina points / 1 fight earn A xBlade
80 stamina points / 1 fight earn A*1.5 xBlade
120 stamina points / 1 fight earn A*2 xBlade
160 stamina points / 1 fight earn A*2.5 xBlade
200 stamina points / 1 fight earn A*3 xBlade
This update will be officially applied at 16:00:00 UTC 11.11.2021.

Monster Refresh

In order to reduce gas fee we have made some changes about Monster Refresh. From now on Monster's list will be renewed every 2 hours but 14 XP monsters appearance rate will be increase.
This update will be officially applied at 03:00:00 UTC 23.12.2021.

Stamina Recovery Time

Big change about recovery time of stamina point is applied to mainnet after releasing CW version2.
When Hero reaches level 30 stamina recovery time will jump from 17 mins 15 secs / 1 point to 67 mins 50 secs / 1 point then keep increasing simultaneously with Hero's level growth and stay at 100 mins / point when Hero reaches level 55. Please read more about it :
In detail :
Stamina Recovery Time

Reward Base Adjustment

After releasing new currency xGem in the game, we have made some small adjustment about xBlade base reward in order to balace game's finance.
Xblade base reward reduces from 2$ > 1,7$ / 1 fight.
On the other hand you will earn xGem no matter win or lose. xGem can be used to purchase high valuable NFTs that worth thousands of xBlade if you lucky.
So it's a little adjustment to make the game more balance and sustainable for the long run that we all aim to achieve.